Last week I was working on my new series simplicity² showing postmodern architecture building MAXXI. MAXXI (Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo) is a national museum of contemporary art and architecture based in Rome. It was designed as a multidsciplinary space by Zaha Hadid and committed to experimentation and innovation in the arts and architecture.

The building is a composition of bending oblong tubes, overlapping, intersecting and piling over each other, resembling a piece of massive transport infrastructure. Zaha Hadid, founding partner of Zaha Hadid Architects, is known for her built, theoretical and academic work. Working with senior office partner Patrick Schumacher Hadid’s interest was in the rigorous interface between architecture, landscape, and geology as the practice integrates natural topography and human-made systems that lead to experimentation with cutting-edge technologies. Their completed project MAXXI won the Stirling Prize in 2010.