Fabio Genito

I'm really pleased to collaborate with Fabio Genito - a vibe designer, dj and producer for more than 20 years. Fabio Genito is one of the most respected artists of the underground world musical scene, who created UNDA (Underground Not Dared Atmos™), the record label.

UNDAsound got large response from all over the globe, and most of all, from a crossover audience, no particularly into any specific musical genres/cultures, with support by dj’s and media’s like Loco Dice, Louie Vega, Chus & Ceballos...

Bringing the best club experience into a private house project, inspired by David Mancuso and his legendary Loft parties in New York City, the man who changed the music history and djing forever, Fabio Genito is developing futuristic and highmodern interior design.