I'm so thrilled to announce that my Simplicity serie has been featured by a legendary architecture and design magazine Domus!

Domus is a monthly magazine of contemporary architecture, design and art. For over 80 years it has been one of the most authoritative voices in the fields of art, architecture and design: to this day it remains an internationally recognised platform of excellence for innovative thinking, influential criticism and compelling intellectual debate.

Domus was first published on January 15th, 1928. The magazine’s first subheading was “Architettura e arredamento dell’abitazione moderna in città e in campagna” or ”‘Architecture and interior design of modern homes in the city and the countryside”. Founded with the clear intent of breathing new life into Italian architecture, interior design and decorative arts, it achieved renown as the prime narrator of the 20th century’s great architectural movements. Ponti edited Domus from 1928 until 1940 and again from 1948 to 1979.

Numerous prestigious thinkers and practitioners succeeded Ponti at the magazine’s helm: Massimo Bontempelli, Giuseppe Pagano, Melchiorre Bega... In September 2013 the editorship passed to Nicola Di Battista.

DOMUS, cover of the first issue, 15th January, 1928

DOMUS, cover of the first issue, 15th January, 1928