Terminal 2

I've just finished new work called Terminal 2. As you can see, my works contain more and more glass - a typical element of postmodern architecture. Terminal 2 of the Frankfurt Airport was planned by the office of JSK (today SOP Architekten) and completed in 1995. JSK architects  achieved something of note with the "AIRRAIL" over the train station in the Frankfurt Airport: as if floating on its thin stilts, a multi-story building structure rises up, shrouded by a streamlined glass cocoon.

In place of the monumental railroad buildings of the early 20th century, which is practically overwhelmed the daring arching halls, the AIRRAIL is dynamic - as if it would like to run a race with the trains themselves. All-round glazing ensures high levels of natural day-lighting. A few carefully chosen materials accentuate the charcter of the spacious, open halls - stell for the extensive, filigree frame, granite for the core areas and floors, glass and metal for facades and wall cladding.