Holland America Line & ArtLink

Thrilled to share really great news! I have been selected by ArtLink, the world's leading pioneer of the international emerging art scene, for their new program developing a special art experience on board ships of Holland America Line! Launching this summer the new program will deliver a unique art experience throughout the fleet centering in an on-board gallery space exhibiting works by emerging artists curated from the destinations visited by the ships. The general collection will gradually be replaced by changing exhibitions curated to reflect the regions of the world as the ships sail the globe.  In the frame of this program I'm very pleased to create exclusive paintings for ArtLink on-board galleries showing special post-urban spaces of destination cities.

"As with many aspects of our onboard experience that have been elevated successfully over the past few years, we wanted to enhance the way art was presented on board and reflected throughout the cruises in a way that was meaningful to our guests," said Orlando Ashford, president of Holland America Line. "Through our work with ArtLink on our newbuilds, we connected with a mutual passion to create an innovative art experience that was more integrated with the places we visit. The right piece of art can be not only an incredible souvenir for our guests but also a prominent way for them to connect emotionally with their travels. [1]"

"ArtLink began by partnering with Sotheby's to change the way people consume art and offer emerging artists opportunities to become successful. Later, we expanded into the hospitality industry with emerging artists from 44 countries. After working extensively in the emerging artist marketplace, this unique partnership with Holland America Line enables us to embark on our next big dream – to enrich the way people around the world experience art," said Tal Danai, founder and CEO of ArtLink. "Constantly curating destination-related art collections by promising emerging artists and bringing exclusive art, artists and guests together in a uniquely welcoming environment will undoubtedly make the art world accessible to more people – and at the best possible price points. [1]"

[1] "Holland America and ArtLink to launch onboard art experience", Cruise & Ferry, April 2018